02 February 2011

Feeling uninspired

Today I'm feeling uninspired. Well it's not just today, it's been a lot lately.

Most days I'm finding my quiet time spent in front of this computer, while Popette is having her afternoon nap, playing games on Facebook or looking up sites.

I'm sure there's something else that I could be doing....like reading a book or magazine, doing a crossword puzzle, doing the dishes, washing (yawn!), cleaning up (ugh!!)

Hmmm.....no, I'm not motivated to do any of that. I don't even feel like doing something creative, which I normally like doing. I just feel like sitting on the couch, and being a couch potato. Then again I don't really feel like doing that. I'm even bored with going on the computer and Facebook....I'm sitting at the computer now writing this blog just to give me something to do!

Hmmm....I don't know what it is. I think I need something to inspire me or make me feel motivated to do something.

Do you ever have moments when you feel like that? What is it that motives or inspires you?

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  1. Yeah I think we all get days like that. My motivation comes from my daughter getting into the mess and me thinking "yuck, I should clean that up", and out of gratitude for my husband who works hard so I can stay home. If you're stuck for procrastination ideas you could always visit my blog


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