07 March 2011

My little girl is growing up....

My beautiful little girl is growing up......she's no longer that sweet little baby smiling and gurgling up at me, or tiny infant crawling around the floor exploring. My little girl has recently turned 2,  so is now a 'big girl' and a 100% certified toddler....it's funny the baby nurse I take her too told me that she can only be a certified toddler if she's had a tantrum....well she's had quite a few of those, so I guess that makes her a toddler...let's hope she's not a terrible 2!!

Yesterday "Popette" brushed her teeth with toothpaste for the first time, which was amazing as we've had so much trouble in getting her to allow us to brush her teeth (teething hasn't helped that!!)....but now that she has special "Wiggles" toothpaste (I love The Wiggles!!) she lets us. She's also using a cup with a straw to drink her milk before bed.....so no more bottle (hooray!!) The next thing we need to work on is getting her toilet trained....we're not going to well in that department.

When looking through her baby photos today I couldn't believe that my gorgeous baby is already a little girl. Where did these past 2 years go? It's so unfair that it's flown by so quickly...my friend thinks that it hasn't gone by so quickly, but I disagree, and think that last year when she learned so many new things, i.e. how to crawl, talk, walk, sing, dance, etc, seemed to whizz by even quicker than the year before when she my most precious, tiny baby girl and so helpless.

To look at her now, she's a talkative, funny, cheeky, sweet little girl, who loves nothing more than cuddling her Daddy (she looooves Daddy....definately "Daddy's little girl"), Mummy and all her teddies & dollies. Loves watching the Wiggles and Playschool, painting, drawing, colouring in, going to the park, playing with her friends, visiting Nanna & Poppy, chasing bubbles, singing, dancing, going to the pool etc.

For her birthday her friend gave her two babies, which we have named Justine (after Justine Clark from Playschool, who she loooves probably more than Mummy!! Poor Mummy), and Abby (after Abby Kadaby from Sesame Street). It is so sweet watching her play with her babies. She was taking off their little beanies and placing them back on. She takes turns in pushing them around in her pram.

Just recently she's begun liking "The Wiggles" and knows most of the characters and "Wiggles" by name, except Anthony....I don't think she can get her tongue around his name just yet. :-) She loves singing along with their songs and watching them on TV. The other day I bought tickets to their show next month, it will be "Popette's" first concert....and Mummy's first "Wiggles" concert. I'm really looking forward in taking her, and hoping she has a fun time.

It doesn't seem all that long ago when we would watch "In The Night Garden" over and over again, and sing the little songs about 'Upsy Daisy' and 'Iggle Piggle'.

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