15 March 2011

My toddler's fake cry

Lately "Popette" has discovered "the fake cry". You know the one, the one where there not really crying (I guess some call it "Crocodile Tears") and has a little whinge when she wants something...it's been driving my husband and I crazy.

Today, for example, she wanted an iceblock which we don't have.....I even showed her the empty freezer, where this is no iceblocks!! So of course I got "the fake cry" as there was no iceblocks. To stop her from 'crying' I caved in, and gave her a biscuit....I know very healthy.....this was after trying to get her to eat a pear which she refused to eat until I gave her a fork. She then sat quite happily eating her pear for a while, but when I walked past and offered her some, she refused to eat anymore of it....it's so frustrating!!!

If that's not frustrating enough, I'll ask her if she wants something and I get "No", or I get "No, OK"...so what is it?? Is it "No", "No thanks", "OK"? I know she's only two so I shouldn't expect too much from her, but lately she's driving me crazy with the "OK".....then when I give her something that she said "OK" to, I get a big "NO!!" And she'll just about throw the food off her high chair table and across the room.

Does your toddler do something that drives you crazy?

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  1. My one year old has been doing the fake cry for months. My husband said to her that she must already be 2 because of it. I said no she is only one, and she said "two!" It was so funny.


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