24 March 2011


Hello fellow followers!

How exciting, just the other day I had one faithful reader following me (thanks The Mother Experiment!), and today when I logged in I have six! Woohoo!!! Well I guess I better write something......

First of all, welcome to my blog if you are new to here. I am still relatively new to the world of blogging. I haven't really dedicated a lot of time to writing blogs, if lucky I might churn out one a week...maybe two if I'm having a good week. Somedays my mind shuts down completely (which seems to be a lot lately ;0)) so am unsure what I am going to write about. I try and fit blogging in when my little one is having her afternoon nap (thankfully she is having one today!!) or when she is sitting down and doing something like colouring-in and watching "Play School" or "The Wiggles".

Yesterday my daughter, "Popette" who I affectionately call her, decided she wasn't going to have a nap. After lunch I tucked her in to her cot with some of her furry little friends she takes to bed.....which seems to be increasing. It used to be just an "Upsy Daisy" and "Iggle Piggle" doll, now its her two babies, two puppies, and a sheep, plus Upsy and Piggle....I'm amazed that there's any room left in the bed for her!

She was in bed at 12.30pm and decided that she didn't want to sleep, so for 2 hours she decided to sing, talk, play and cry out to Mummy every few seconds or so ....which drove me crazy. I was grateful when "SuperDad" finally got home from work, so he could take over for a little while...I was exhausted.

Today she is having a lovely nap, she went down at around 12.45pm after a visit to the shops with Mummy.

Thankfully she didn't fight me when I said it was bedtime. Usually she'll kick and cry "Noooooo", but today she was good and let me change her nappy, and place her into bed with just Iggle, Daisy and sheepy as he's known.....the rest of the crew are chilling in her pop-up tent ;-)

I dread the day when she will no longer need a daytime nap. She's 2, and is only on 1 sleep a day, somedays she can go without but I've found that when she does she gets over-tired, a bit whingy and grumpy. Usually she'll sleep for a good 2 hours, but somedays it could be shorter (1-1/2 hours) or even go as long as 3 hours!! It's nice as I get to have a little break and either write a blog or check my email and Facebook accounts.

When she wakes up I might take her to the park. I've been promising that I'd take her since yesterday, so if the weather stays nice and it doesn't rain that will be our afternoon activity.

Hope you're having a lovely day.


  1. Naps are so great aren't they. My daughter alternates between morning and arvo naps for a few days then one also in the middle of the day for a few days. It's quite confusing for my body when skips the morning nap!

  2. Hello I'm your number 7 follower that must make me lucky :-) good luck with your blog, im new to it too and i think ive found something i love to do. have a look some time if you get the chance:

  3. Hi Thatblogyoudo!! (I'm mean Lucky 7!!)

    Thanks for joining my blog. I'll make sure I swing by and take a look at yours too.

    Good luck with your blog.


  4. Oh I love naptime! They're definitely worth the effort they sometimes require! x


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