22 March 2011

Precious time

Time, precious time....sometimes its hard to remember what that was.

Somedays I feel like there's not enough hours in the day to get things done. I know I have things to do such as cleaning the house (oh the joy!), or to do the clothes washing, mop and vaccum the floor etc, but sometimes days just wizz by and before you know it, it's time to get Missy Moo ready for her bath, dinner and then bed. 

Sometimes I feel guilty when my hubby gets home from work, and says 'So what have you been up to all day?', and I have to sit down and recall what it is that I have done.....hmmm.....it might be something like this:
  • Ate breakfast - check, 
  • Had shower - check, 
  • Got Missy fed and dressed - check, 
  • Picked up a million toys off the floor - check,
  • Packed the dishwasher and turned it on - check,
  • Changed Missy's nappy and made sure she had enough to eat/drink - check
  • Did colouring-in and played blocks with Missy Moo - check.
When I do get some 'free' time to myself (usually when "Popette" is having her afternoon nap) I might check my email or Facebook account (the biggest time waster of them all, as I usually play a game or two), maybe write a blog (I'm still not very good at allocating time to that!), or check out another site/blog that I like.

I remember back to when I was child-free and had plenty of time to indulge in my hobbies or to do things like painting my nails or getting my hair done. Not to mention time to go to the toilet or to have a shower in peace....now that's a luxury!

Then there was time where hubby and I used to drive to different places for something to do, go in to town and see an exhibition or show, go watch a movie or out to dinner....to do any of that now requires a lot of planning, time and patience. Especially when getting Missy ready....that is of course that she's fine, and not having a bad day because of lack of sleep or illness, usually by the time we are ready to go and have the car packed, we don't go because it's nearly lunchtime and Missy's naptime...arrrgh. We've had so many occassions where we've had to cancel outings because she's either been sick or not her usual happy self.

This weekend I'm having a day out with some girlfriends. We don't catch up all that regularly, so when we do it's nice to see each other and catch up on things, and not having to worry about being Mummy for a few hours. We're off to High Tea in the city, so I'm looking forward to some yummy cakes and a nice cup of English Breakfast tea. ;-)

The most important thing is that I make time for my hubby and daughter, they are my world and make me happiest. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if I haven't had time to paint my nails or watch my favorite show, as long as I've had quality time with my little family is all that counts :-)

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  1. Enjoy your blogging venture....Ps I have to also say I love your blog background it is awesome!


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