15 April 2011

My artwork

Off to the ParkGlobal ArtichokeBlack Calla Lilly

Here is a link to some pictures of recent artwork I have completed, My artwork, as published on Flickr.
Over time, I will update my album to show new pieces of artwork.

For as long as I can remember I've always had a passion for art, especially drawing. Last year I started attending "Drawing & Painting" class once a week, at my local community college, so I could get back into something creative, and give myself some "me" time, which I was seriously missing as a Stay-at-home Mum.

Unfortunately, I am not a commissioned artist, and only do my art as a hobby.

I am happy for you to refer to my artwork and link back to this page, however please note that all my artwork is subject to copyright (2011).

I hope you like it. :-)


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