11 May 2011

18 - 20 week scan

I can't believe how quickly these past few weeks have flown by and that I'm nearly halfway through my 2nd pregnancy...its a little scarey. As a Mum to a toddler I've been finding that I'm not getting to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I did with my first. I seemed to have more time to talk to 'bump' and read up on things with my first, but this time round don't seem to have the time.

Before we know it hubby and I will have not one, but two, little cherubs in our household.....and will be back in the world of sleep deprivation once again.

For the past couple weeks Hubby and I have been tossing up on whether to find out the baby's sex. We didn't find out with "Popette" as we wanted it to be a surprise, not that we didn't have ample opportunities. Due to health issues I had quite a lot of ultrasounds towards the end of second trimester, that it was very tempting to find out....in the end, we kept strong and decided that we didn't want to know, and wanted it to be a surprise. After all we went through, it was so lovely to find out on the day that we had a little girl...I was so overcome with joy I broke into tears.

When we went to my 12 week scan we asked "Popette" if she wanted a baby brother or baby sister, and her reply was "Sister, Sister".

I also would love another girl, not just because we already have lots of girls baby clothes worn by "Popette" (plus some that have never been worn) and hand-me-downs, I'd also love "Popette" to have a little sister to share clothes with, swap stories with, confide in etc. I always felt like I missed out on that. I grew up with two older brothers and being the youngest was always left out of things with them because I was the "baby sister". I would love to have had a sister, especially now that I am older. Unfortunately my brothers and I are not particularly close. Don't get me wrong, when we see each other we get on fine, but its not that often, only every few months or so. Usually I am the one to organise a get together, as I find my brothers are a little useless in contacting me or my parents and arranging a catch-up.

I'm sure if we were to have a little boy, I would be just as happy. I think hubby would love to have a little boy, then he would have someone to play cricket with, watch the rugby with, have a beer with (when he's older of course!) and talk blokey stuff with....not that he couldn't play cricket or watch rugby with "Popette".

Today, Hubby, "Popette" and I went to my 18-20wk scan and at the last minute decided to find out the baby's sex......

Well it seems "Popette's" wish has come true...she is going to have a little sister :-) Hubby was a little disappointed at first, but is still very excited, as am I, to be having another little princess in our house come October :-)

Now, we've just got to think of a name!

Did you find out what you were having or decide to keep it a secret until bubs was born?

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