18 May 2011

I'm halfway there

As of Monday, I hit the 20 week mark....so I'm officially halfway through my 2nd pregnancy!! I can't believe how quickly it's going by.

Today, I saw my OB/GYN who is very happy with how I'm progressing. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with "Popette" I had already started having issues with high blood pressure, and was being sent to the FMAU (Fetal Maternal Assessment Unit) at the local hospital on a regular basis for bloodworks and to get my blood pressure checked over a certain length of time, and urine checked for protein, which are possible signs of pre-eclampsia. So far, my blood pressure is behaving itself...today it was 120/70, which is great, my Dr thinks that the clexane injections that I'm doing daily are working....hooray!! Hubby and I are keeping our fingers crossed that it continues to stay that way.

On the weekend I started cleaning out the 3rd bedroom, aka "The study" or "Junk room", which eventually will be bubs bedroom. As there's so much stuff in the room, I'm worried that we won't have the space for it all. I keep telling my hubby that we need a bigger house, but of course "SuperDad" thinks it's just a case of me having to be lethal when throwing things out. Hmmm.....kind of hard when you need to find places for stuff like a fold-down lounge, bookcase, and assortment of baby stuff that we will need.

The 3rd bedroom isn't as big as "Popette's" and doesn't have a built-in wardrobe, so over the next few months we'll need to go furniture shopping and buy a tallboy or free standing wardrobe with drawers for bub's bedroom. We've also been deciding when to move "Popette" to a "big girls bed". Her cot turns into a junior bed, so we've been thinking about moving her into that first, then once she gets used to it buying her a "big girls bed", but we don't want to do that too close to when the baby arrives, as we don't want her getting upset about losing her cot. Hubby thinks we should buy "Popette" a new bedroom suite (ie. new bed and bookcase), and give bubs her old suite....arrrghh....so many things to think about!!

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