02 May 2011

"Popette's" first outing to the City

On Saturday, hubby and I took "Popette" on her first outing to the city.

It was a miserable, rainy morning in the Blue Mountains, so we thought it might be nice to take "Popette" to see the Dinosaurs at the Australian Museum in Sydney. It was a spur of the moment thought....which is quite unlike us, normally we are very organised and have things planned out...so it was quite a surprise at how quickly we got ourselves organised and ready to go on our outing. After filling up the car with fuel, picking up some much needed coffee and a bit of brekkie from McDonalds, we turned on "The Wiggles" CD, much to Mummy & Daddy's dismay, and was on our way!

"Popette" had a great time running around the museum and looking (up) at the dinosaurs, but all the excitement got to her too soon, leading to a very hungry little girl. We hadn't brought lunch with us, as we thought we'd buy lunch in the Museum's cafe.......well $10 later, we had 1 sausage roll, which we forked out a ridiculous $6.50 for, and a bottle of Lift!! We ordered a pie each, but then realised how much they were charging and said no. As long as "Popette" had some food in her tummy and was happy again (you know how toddlers get when they're hungry, they start getting cranky), we were ok to wait for lunch.

"Popette" excitedly reading out the letters
"Popette" and a dinosaur

Back in the museum for a look at the skeletons, the dinosaurs again, stuffed animals, birds and butterflies. "Popette" also loved the "Kidspace" area where she got to do some drawing and have some playtime.

After the museum we went in search of some reasonably priced lunch for Mummy & Daddy, and later a leisurely walk (more like run for "Popette") through Hyde Park.

Daddy and "Popette" exploring Hyde Park
The fountain in Hyde Park
Mummy and "Popette" looking at the fountain......
more like trying to stop "Popette" from jumping in to the water!!
Daddy and "Popette"
Beautiful, St Marys Cathedral, where the bells were ringing

It was a lovely day out, we were very lucky that the sun came out and we didn't get rained on until we jumped back in the car and headed back home.

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