26 May 2011

When 3 becomes 4

In 5 months time my little family will grow from 3 to 4. I'm feeling a little sad as it won't just be me, "Popette" and "SuperDad" anymore. I love the time I'm with my little family, especially watching "Popette" develop and grow into a confident, happy, cheeky little girl. Then on the other hand, I'm also excited as we'll have another little member in our family and "Popette" will be a big sister and have a little sibling to play with.

It doesn't seem all that long ago when I was feeling anxious about Hubby and I no longer being just the two of us...but that feels like a distant memory now.

I'm feeling a little worried that "Popette" won't like sharing Mummy and Daddy with a tiny little sibling, and not get all of our attention like she currently does. Or that she gets jealous with all the attention that is given to the baby and not her.

I think she is starting to understand in her little mind, that Mummy is having a baby. If we ask her "Where's the baby", she'll lift my top and look at my tummy or bellybutton. Sometimes she kisses and cuddles my tummy, and will say "Hello baby", which is so cute.

I'm hoping she'll be a loving, big sister and will be able to help Mummy. She's become such a big girl all of a sudden, I'm not sure when that happened. I sometimes wonder what happened to my little girl. She seems to be growing up so quickly.

For the past couple of weekends "SuperDad" has been cleaning out the garage, as to make room for our car which is currently at the smash repairers. So "Popette" has been outside with Daddy helping him carry things from the garage, or place rubbish in the recycling bin. It was so gorgeous to watch. She loved being outside helping Daddy, of course Daddy loved it too.

She's also been helping Mummy & Daddy carry the groceries from the car, even the really heavy bags when we've told her "No, it's too heavy". She then unpacks all the groceries, and helps me place them in the cupboard or fridge.

She loves helping us buy fruit & vegies. She'll get us a carrot, tomato or whatever else we need, sometimes its not the freshest, but she still knows what we want...another reason I think she loves it, is because she gets a stamp from the lady at the cash register!

When I'm sweeping the floorboards she will go get her little broom and mop and help Mummy clean the floor. She is a such a sweet sweet girl. I really hope she stays that way when bub comes along. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time so she would stop growing, and just keep her at this age....minus the terrible 2 tantrums and hissy fits of course! I don't own a video camera, so at times kick myself for not capturing some of the cute little things she does on video for later years.

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