12 August 2011

Finding the perfect name for our little girl

In approximately 6-7 weeks time our little girl will be born. I didn't realise how hard it would be to pick out a name second time round, especially middle names that go nicely with the first name. While we didn't have a lot of time to choose "Popette's" name, I didn't think it would take us this long to choose our 2nd bubs name.

Hubby and I have been searching through books and websites for names and writing them down in lists, but still can't decide on an appropriate name for our little one. "Popette" wasn't named until I saw her the day after she was born, which was the first chance I got to see and meet her. As she was born so early (29wks + 3 days) we hadn't even finished deciding on a list of girl's names, so had to quickly come up with a short list of names we liked. My hubby didn't like her name at first, but when he saw her, he fell in love with it and thought it suited her perfectly. Maybe that will be the same for this little one, who knows.

We're hoping to find the perfect girly name for this bubba as well.

On our short list at the moment we have:


But are unsure of approximate middle names that will sound nice with each one.

Does anyone have any suggestions on some first and middle names?? At the moment she could be named; 'Lucy Goosey' ("Popette's" suggestion), 'Baby Sister', 'Baby' or 'Bubba 2', which I don't think are that appealing. ;-)


I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. I'm 32 weeks + 4 days already, it won't be long until our bubba will be born, which is a bit scary to think about.

This hasn't been the easiest pregnancy for me, what with me going through early bleeding, morning sickness and now high blood pressure, but still it has gone by quickly.

My blood pressure is starting to behave itself, thanks to the blood pressure medication that I am on. At first it made me quite tired, so it was a struggle to get anything done and I was worried about driving the car.

My OB/GYN is fairly positive that I will be fine for another few weeks. I am hoping that I make it to at least 35 weeks as the likelihood of something being wrong with bubs is much less, I will also be able to deliver her in the private hospital I am booked into (unlike last time with "Popette") and have her sleep with me in my room, which will be a new experience for me.

On the homefront there's still so much to do. We've yet to clear out the Study and start decorating it into the baby's room and setting it up, although we have got all the furniture for the baby's room sorted out. I've also yet to buy some new wall decals for "Popette's" room.

We finally bought "Popette" a 'big girls bed' and have it setup in her room. She slept in it twice during the day last week, but she hasn't slept in it since. We're having issues with her not wanting to sleep in it and only wanting to sleep in her 'baby's bed' (Cot). We've been telling her that she's outgrown the baby's bed and needs to move into the 'big girls bed', but it doesn't seem to be working. I think Daddy might have to take the baby's bed down over the weekend and see how she goes cold turkey...not looking forward to that!

She seems to have regressed in a few ways. I feel so bad for her, I'm so worried that she thinks that she's being replaced by the baby. Hopefully she'll be fine when the baby is born. She is such the sweetest little thing, I really hate seeing her unhappy.


  1. Hi, just popped over from the blogger discussion on DP. I can see your followers (yay), but can't see my own! I love the names you have on your short list. Lucy is a fav but they are all nice. Funny, we had my daughter's name picked out months in advance, but with my son, who came 2nd, we were still trying to come up with something in the hospital the day AFTER he was born!! In our defense, he did come a month early. :)

    I think Claire would be a nice middle name and would pair well with Isabelle or Georgia (Georgia Claire, that sounds very 'southern'). Good luck and I hope you feel well through the rest of your pregnancy. Mine was difficult too, but I guess that's just a trade-off for the joy of having a child.

  2. Thanks Wanderlust :-) I just checked your blog, but can't see your followers :( I wish Google would do something about it, it's driving me crazy.

    Thanks, I think we're leaning towards Lucy...still unsure, I can't believe how difficult its been deciding 2nd time round. Hopefully we'll have it decided when we meet "Bump" in 3 1/2 weeks time :0)


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