19 September 2011

38 weeks today!!

I'm 38 weeks today! I've finally arrived at my goal, and "Bump" is considered full-term. Woohoo!

7 1/2 weeks ago my hubby and I were worried that I might not make it this far, and had the worrying thought that "Bump" might be born prematurely like her big sister, "Popette" at around the 34 week mark.

We are so grateful that that didn't happen and we've made it to full-term. My OB/GYN is still watching me very closely, especially my blood pressure, and is happy that everything is going well and that I've come this far. This Wednesday she'll be checking me for any signs of impending labour, if she doesn't think anything is going to happen soon, then it looks like I may become a Mummy again as early as Friday!

Meaning I'll be booked in for a caesarean if I don't go into labour by Wednesday. If I happen to go into labour or start showing signs (cervix dilated etc), then my OB/GYN will hold off for a few more
days to see if I can go in labour naturally. Now the waiting begins...

Yesterday, hubby, "Popette" and I went on a tour of the hospital. We thought we should become familiar with the hospital and delivery suites etc, just in case I happen to go into labour, and since we
never got to the attend antenatal class that they had held there.

I think it was the first time I found myself excited about "Bump's" impending arrival. Lately, I've been so worried about "Bump's" big sister "Popette", what with her behaviour which has been terrible (not sure if it's just terrible-two's or a combination of things) and all the problems we've been having with her, that I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about the arrival of "Bump".

Hubby and I were all booked in to attend antenatal classes when I was pregnant with "Popette". But the week we were supposed to attend our first class, was when "Popette" was born, so we didn't
worry about it. We thought we'd try and attend a 'refresher' class this time, but getting someone to  babysit "Popette" has been our problem, so we missed out again.

I'm hoping our lack of knowledge regarding the breathing and relaxation techniques, and the signs and stages of labour doesn't cause me any issues. I've been trying to read as much as possible so I'm aware of the signs and symptoms. My OB/GYN said that "we'll wing it" since hubby and I haven't been to antenatal class...so that'll be interesting.

Lately I've had a couple of "off" days. I'm sure it's normal to be this far pregnant and for my hormones and emotions to start getting to me, but lately it seems like *everything* is getting to me and is doing my head-in.

I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday crying to Hubby "that its all too much", of course he didn't understand what I was on about. Typical male!

If it's not "Popette's" behaviour towards me, problems with her going to bed at night or refusal in going to daycare, it's me worrying about my parents especially Dad as he's been unwell and had recently spent time in hospital.

Then there's my hubby's family who have decided that they'd like to move back to Sydney. They have recently started looking at rental properties not far from us, and have come down a couple times to
view properties, and rely on staying with us. Personally, I think its a bit much to ask someone who is about to have a baby to accommodate 3 more in the house with an unsettled toddler. But of course, hubby doesn't think so, and is only to happy to have them stay with us.

They called us Saturday to say they were "down". But as they couldn't get hold of us Friday, they stayed the night in a hotel. My initial thought was 'thank goodness for that', as we had only just gotten over hubby's mother and our 10 year old niece staying a couple nights the week before, which caused further problems with "Popette". I just couldn't of handled them staying with us again so soon.

I'm really worried about when the baby is born, as I know they'll want to come down and see her in hospital and will probably spend a few days down here (they live 4-5 hours away). I've suggested to hubby that it might be a good idea if they stay while I'm in hospital so there's not too many in the house when I get home with "Bump". But I'm worried about how "Popette" is going to react with not only having a new sibling, but having had visitors stay with us, not to mention Mummy not being at home. We also need someone to look after "Popette" on the day the baby's born, as my hubby of course wants to be with me, so there's that problem to think of as well. As I'm sure "Popette's" not going to be happy with her "Mummy" or "Daddy" not being around.

I'm also going through the "nesting instinct" where I want things done, and want it done now!!! Of course hubby doesn't understand why it's necessary to have something like the baby's room clean
and tidy when she's not going to be sleeping in there at first, done NOW!

I have a "To-do-list" of things I'd like to have done before the baby comes home, which if it's not done now will probably wont get done later as I won't have the time. Of course I was told to "stop worrying about the list"....but I don't think that's going to happen somehow.

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