13 September 2011

My not so sweet little girl

Lately my sweet little girl, hasn't been so sweet to Mummy. She has become very very clingy to Daddy, and only wants Daddy to get her something to eat, take her to the toilet, get her dressed, put her to bed etc. While you might think, "Yay, that's great", it breaks my heart that she doesn't want me to do anything for her. All she wants is Daddy, and if I say I'll do something she has a sudden outburst and cries. It's been like this for the past few days. We've also been having issues with her going to bed at night, where she cries and gets upset when we put her down, ending up with a very tired Mummy & Daddy. My poor hubby is tired of being the one that has to do everything, even though he knows she's not herself lately, so he does whatever he can do to make her happy.

I'm sure the impending birth of "Bump" is playing on "Popette's" mind and seeing my tummy get bigger and bigger, isn't helping. She told one of the ladies at daycare last week that her "Baby sister is coming out soon", and yesterday when I went for an ultrasound she said "Bump" was "Mummy's baby". My heart broke when I began thinking that her little mind might be thinking that I'm having another baby and replacing her. My poor little cherub. I wish I knew what was going on through her mind.

I sat next to her on the lounge last night and read books with her, and afterwards got lots of cuddles and kisses, which was lovely, considering the last couple days she hadn't wanted anything to do with me.

Today Daddy was getting ready to go to work which caused her to get very upset, in the end he had to sneak out the front door when "Popette" was occuppied eating and watching TV to go to work. She wasn't happy when she found out that Daddy had left, the tears started and there was cries of "Daddy Daddy", but I quickly distracted her with another episode of "Postman Pat" that we had recorded....thank goodness for technology!

The last couple days "Popette" hasn't been herself, she's had a runny nose and eyes which we think is hayfever, since the medicine we originally gave her for colds didn't work, but the Zyrtec for Kids did, plus she's had a bout of gastro on the weekend, so I don't think that has helped, plus everything else she's going through.

She started daycare a couple weeks ago, just one day a week. When I dropped her off last week she cried and cried, and clung to my legs not wanting me to leave. I nearly burst into tears myself. After 20 minutes I eventually left her, feeling terrible that she was so miserable and didn't want to be there. I was reassured by the staff that it's normal for them to be like this when they are just starting to attend daycare. I called the office a couple hours later, and was told that she was happy and having a good time. But when I picked her up, she gave me a big cuddle and cried, making her little friend cry also.

I wish my sweet little girl would cheer up and be her happy self again soon. It's horrible seeing her so miserable.

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