29 October 2011

"Popette" is growing up

Popette's growing up so quickly into a big girl. She likes helping Mummy and Daddy with everything! Sometimes she'll insist on doing something and say "I want to do it", like putting her shoes on so we let her even if they go on the wrong feet, or she'll want to help us with washing Cherub's baby bottles, which is gorgeous. She loves sleeping in her "big girls bed" now, and hasn't asked Daddy to lay next to the bed or want to go in the "babys bed" for 4 weeks or so. Sometimes we forget that she's only 2 and it wasn't that long ago when she was our gorgeous baby girl.

Popette and Iggle Piggle

Yesterday Popette had her first "official" haircut at the hairdressers. I have cut her fringe a couple times at home, which the hairdresser could tell as I cut past the fringe line...oops, so this was Popette's first time in the hairdresser's chair!

We hadn't taken her when she was younger as she didn't have a lot of hair, plus she doesn't like loud noises (especially hairdryers) so we've avoided taking her until now.

She was very good. The hairdresser set up an iPad which had access to Wiggles clips on YouTube, and gave Popette a lollipop, she was happy to sit on Daddy's lap while having her haircut.

Today Popette and I had some "Mummy & Daughter" time. Hubby thought it might be a nice idea for me to take Popette to the shops and try an re-bond with her as she hasn't been that affectionate towards Mummy for the past month or so with the arrival of Cherub.

She did very well in holding my hand while walking around the shopping centre, and enjoyed driving the red car that I hired for her. It was nice to have some time alone with my "big girl" and not have her yelling or hitting me. We had a couple of small episodes where she didn't want to hold my hand or get into her carseat, other than that it felt like it used to when it was just her and me.

There are days when I miss my little girl, sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep her at this age...then I have a shocker of a day and can't wait for her to grow up ;-)

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  1. Oh I hear ya! The hardest part about adjusting to life with two bubs was the way it affected Alexis. Fortunately she hasn't turned against me but she has become very clingy. I love when baby has his arvo sleep and I get to hang out with my girl just the two of us for awhile.


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