21 December 2011

Jon Bon Jovi is alive and well!

Did you hear the rumour yesterday that Jon Bon Jovi was found dead in a hotel in New Jersey? Thank goodness it was just that, a rumour.

The below photo was published on the band's Facebook page showing a smiling Jon holding his "proof of life" saying "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey, Dec 19th 2011 6:00". The message reassured fans that Jon is alive and well.

Yay, he's alive & well (photo sourced from Bon Jovi Facebook page)

Why on earth would someone make up a death hoax, about such a wonderful person. I am a long time fan of Bon Jovi's, and would have been very upset if it was true, not to mention thousands of other diehard Bon Jovi fans. I just don't get why someone would write a blog announcing to the world that he was dead when he obviously wasn't! Is it something they did for kicks or to get everyone (including me) talking about it.

Thank goodness you are still alive Jon, the world would be a sad place without you in it. Keep making beautiful music. Love ya!

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