02 December 2011

This much water...

Today I received an email regarding a campaign that is being carried out on YouTube called "This much water". "This much water" is an important message concerning infant drowning in Australia, explaining that it only takes an infant 'this much water' to drown in anything containing water, whether it is a swimming pool, wading pool, dogs bowl, laundry bucket, nappy bucket or bath tub.

"This much water" features a number of celebrities and social personalities such as Jackie O, Kyle Sandilands, Peter Overton, Georgie Gardener, Amanda Keller and David Wenham, who have donated their time at no cost to help support this important cause.

The campaigners don't have an advertising budget, so can't broadcast the campaign on TV or the radio, all they ask, is if you can help spread the word by sharing a link to the "This much water" clip on your Facebook page, Blog or Twitter profile.

This Much Water - If you care "Share"


Note: no payment was received for this media announcement.

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