11 January 2012

Week 2: My hubby's job

I am grateful that my husband has a full-time paying job that pays our bills, our mortgage, puts food on our table, fills the fridge with fresh groceries, puts clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads.

We are extremely lucky that it also allows me to be able to stay at home and raise our two little girls, where I get to enjoy the time I have with them each day and see them grow up.

I am grateful that while it pays for essentials like our groceries, bills and mortgage repayments, it also can be put towards nice and fun things, like having my hair done, going out for lunch, taking "Popette" to the city for her birthday, buying Christmas and Birthday presents, hiring a DVD, enrolling "Popette" into music classes, along with other things that we sometimes take for granted.

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  1. I wish my husbie had your husbie's job! We need two incomes to manage all if ths, so it's off to the saltmines for me! x

  2. Hi Julie - I wanted to let you know that the link is up on Kidspot for our bloghop. Please come and link we me!!



  3. Totally true! It's an amazing feeling. :-)
    Cheryl Mummytofive.

  4. Thanks ladies :-)

    Maxabella, the nice and fun things aren't always on our budget...sometimes we have only bills to pay and things like my hair getting coloured or a family outing has to wait. But we are very lucky that he has a job and can support our little family :)

  5. I think it's when faced with the propect of losing that income that I have most appreciated it - every last cent.

  6. You're so lucky!! My husband provides in a different way, he's a soldier overseas & after 15 years of marriage & 13 years of parenting, i've been a work at home mum for the last 11 years & now can purely focus on the children, while building a house, but it's still very different to working. Blink & you miss your children growing up, i have savoured it all, 4 children - they are my world, love Posie


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