22 January 2012

Week 3: Inspiration

This week I am grateful for inspiration. As someone who loves being creative I find inspiration in nature, buildings, books, countries, art, people, even on the TV!!

Over the past few days my creative side has been challenged as I had to think of how to create a cake for Popette's birthday party.

In the end I got inspiration from one of Popette's favourite TV shows, 'Peppa Pig'. I never tried using fondant before, and it was the first time I had made such a creative cake. It was a lot of fun to make, and let me explore my creativity!

Yesterday we had Popette's birthday party where we had all her little friends and cousins come over to help celebrate her turning 3. It was a party full of games & surprises. The kids had a treasure hunt and pinata, and also played 'Pin the tail on the donkey', 'Pass the parcel' and 'Statues', then finally we had the cake!

Everyone loved the cake, especially Popette.


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  1. No way! The cake is BRILLIANT! My Badoo would go nuts for it as she is also a huge Peppa fan (as am I) (except they are too nice as parents and it makes me look mean). Well done on this amazing cake, Julie. I'm pinning it to my birthday cake Pinterest board!! x

  2. Wow! Fantastic cake. i have only used fondant once and I chose a much easier cake (white, round and stars on top) and still found it tricky!

    Sounds like Popette had a lovely party. :D

  3. Thanks Maxabella!! I agree Peppa's parents are very nice, but so is Peppa! I've never seen her have a fight with George. ;)

  4. Thanks Melissa! I definately challenged myself with making Peppa, but I was lucky to have some people offer me their assistance. If I hadn't had their help I probably would have made a big mess of it :)


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