01 February 2012

Thank goodness for the rain

"Popette" is in her room "resting"...she's at that stage, where she tells me that she doesn't want a sleep (even though I can tell she really needs one), so I compromise with her and say that she can have a rest with her teddies on her bed. She's recently turned 3, and going through a "terrible three's"phase....who said it was "terrible two's" has got it all wrong!! Three's seem so much worse...mind you she's only been three for less than a month.

I had a shocker of a day on Monday, at one stage she held her hand up and said "Don't talk to me". I still have no idea where she got that from.

Then yesterday she was my sweet gorgeous girl, who was no trouble at all!

Today, she's been okay. A little whingy when she didn't get the strawberry milkshake I promised her, which was on the proviso that she would let me get her dressed so we could go out. Going out was a nightmare. I was supposed to take "Cherub" to a physio appointment at the hospital, we ended up missing the appointment as I spent 40 minutes driving around in the pouring rain looking for a parking spot. "Cherub" started crying for her bottle, so in the end I took the girls home...meaning no strawberry milkshake. "Popette" of course was not happy.

The house is nice and quiet, all I can hear is the rain on the road and water running down the downpipes. I think "Popette" might of fallen asleep, against all her efforts of trying to stay awake. :-) Thank goodness for the rain, I love listening to it when I'm in bed all curled up. I hope it's what helped "Popette" take a nap. Lets hope she wakes up in a good mood.

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