18 March 2012

I love Tarte Tatin

Last night my hubby cooked me a beautiful dinner for the two of us. It was so nice, and is something we should try and make time to do more often.

We managed to get "Popette" fed early and into bed (even though she was still making her usual sounds from her room) and "Cherub" was down for a little while until she made a guest appearance during dessert for her late bottle.

We had a french menu, inspired from watching Manu Feidel on "My Kitchen Rules" - hubby and I have been hooked on the show, we are loving the rivalry of the contestants, and cheered when a certain couple got eliminated. But most of all, we have loved some of the food that's been served up.

Hubby served up Scotch Fillet with Mustard Sauce and Potato Gratin with a great bottle of red wine, and later for dessert Tarte Tatin (translated in English - Upside-down Caramelised Apple Tart)....yum yum yum yum!!!!!

The three dishes were from Manu Feidel's cookbook, Manu's French Kitchen, which my hubby bought last year, and both love.

In the cookbook, the Mustard Sauce recipe is served with Pork Cutlets, but tastes just as great with Scotch Fillet.

I'd have to say though the pièce de résistance was the Tarte Tatin. It was lovely. We had it served with some freshly whipped cream, which cut through the tartness of the apples. I would have to say it was better today, as it had time for the caramel to soak into the pastry and apples.....yummm......now if only it would help me lose weight!

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