03 April 2012

To drink or not to drink

Yesterday I picked up a Clear Skins bottle of red wine for a meal Hubby is making me later in the week, and noticed this little symbol on the back of the wine label.

Symbol on the back of our wine

I've never seen this advertised on wine before, and it made me wonder how many woman have drank or are drinking alcohol while pregnant.

With both pregnancies I didn't touch alcohol until I was well over my 1st trimester and halfway through my 2nd trimester. Every now and then, not every day or week, I would have a shandy (mostly lemonade with a little beer) or a very small glass of stout (smaller than the 'middy' size glass you are given at the local pub or club).

As much as I love red wine, I didn't touch it or anything stronger until after I had both girls.

What are your thoughts of women drinking alcohol while pregnant?

Note: I don't advocate heavy or excessive drinking of alcohol while a woman is pregnant. Pregnant woman should be aware of any potential risks that can be caused from drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

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