26 June 2012

Through sickness and in health

My household has been sick for what seems like forever, and I'm finding myself miserable and frustrated fairly easily by "Popette", or take my irritation out on her, and then feel really terrible for doing so.

I sometimes forget that she is only 3.5, and isn't capable of doing everything by herself and still needs Mummy or Daddy's help. As much as I want her to be my 'big girl', she really is still my little girl who I adore.

Source: kidspot.com.au via Alex on Pinterest

We've had a rough few months with the girls and myself being sick.

For the past couple days I've had a dizzy head, and been wobbly on my legs so haven't been able to drive.

Poor little "Cherub" has conjuctivitis. Her eye has been weepy for sometime, but hasn't gotten any better so we saw the Dr yesterday who has prescribed eye drops.

"Popette" is coughing, sneezing and has a runny nose yet again.

I wonder if it will ever...stop.

Hubby had a 'sickie' from work yesterday, so he could be with me, and drive "Cherub" and I to the physio, and later doctors.

I really am very lucky to have his support. There are so many women I know whose spouse/partner etc, doesn't help them out with their kids.

I know he's extremely busy at work, and has a lot on his plate. But he's been so good at helping me out before and after work. When I was sick a few weeks ago, he worked from home so he could help me out with the girls.

We can't seem to get a break lately. If it's not one thing it's another.

My Dad's cancer has made a comeback (another story) and my eldest brother is moving his family to Queensland this week. Everything seems to happen at once.

So today all I want is a big hug!

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