18 July 2012

I've had enough of sickness

Well we've had another week of sickness in our household. Only last week Hubby had bronchitis and was off for the week. As he was paranoid about giving it to me, he slept on the sofa bed in the lounge room so to avoid giving it to me, he's a good man.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

On Sunday, he seemed better, so we went on a nice drive up the mountains and enjoyed an ice cream, then "Popette" had a play in the park.

Later that night, "Popette" complained of a soar tummy, and started vomitting. First time was in bed, then a few more times over the next couple of hours. Hubby made a last night dash to the 24 hour chemist up the road, and bought some medication to settle her tummy. On Monday, she seemed fine, but yesterday she was complaining of a soar tummy again, and threw up once again.

Hubby and I thought it might of been a case of food poisoning from the ice cream she ate, but last night her sister, "Cherub" started vomitting.

The poor little thing, she is only 10 months old so there wasn't much we could do for her apart from giving her fluids which she later brought up. Hubby took her down to the hospital, where he waited in the Emergency department for nearly 4 hours when he had enough and came home at 2.45am.

While waiting I disinfected all of "Cherub's" toys that her and "Popette" had been playing with. I then disinfected the high chair which was vomitted in. I still can't seem to get the smell out. Today I've been washing, cleaning and mopping.

Now poor "Popette" is vomitting again. I've had enough!!!

I feel like someone has there little voodoo doll out with a photo of me and my family, then pinning it with sayings 'make all family members sick'.


  1. Oh no! that is very sick. My husband is the sicky in our house with a bout of food poisoning at least once a year. It used to be me with the flu for 5 weeks at least twice a year. Since having a little one 2 yrs ago I seem to get sick much less. Miss 2 has only had a cold a few times and no vomiting as yet (thank goodness). I cannot imagine all the work you did just to get it all cleaned up and germ free and all with two little sickies under toe. I'll say super woman here as it is what i think you would have needed to be in that situation. Good on you!

    1. Oh, thank you very much. :) I'm still trying to get the house in to some order, but it takes so much longer when you have two littlies wanting something from you :)

      Just popped over to your site, and started following you :)


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