09 July 2012

Knitting up a storm (ok, just a square) for a good cause

Today I've given myself a challenge...to learn how to knit! My Mum has tried showing me how to knit quite a few times over the years, but I can never remember how to 'cast-on' properly. So this morning, "Cherub" and I had a cuppa with my parents, and I got my Mum to show me, yet again, how to "cast-on" and knit a couple rows in garter stitch.

Both my parents are wonderful knitters, and have knitted me various scarfs, cardigans and jumpers over the years. I can't count how many beanies they have made for both my girls or little booties. Mum has made trauma teddies and beanies for various charities.

My Dad used to have an old Brother knitting machine, which he would have setup in the lounge room in our family home, knitting jumpers and cardigans for various people. Mum also likes to crochet, so
I've put in an order for some crocheted booties for "Cherub" which I saw in the latest "Family Circle" magazine, which are adorable.

I would like to try and make them myself...but one project at a time.

The reason I'm trying knitting first, is because of a postcard I saw at the library. The postcard was about "Knit In" which is an annual event where knitters and crafters of all types (beginners to the advanced) are invited to knit up squares or wraps to help the charity "Wrap with Love" provide blankets to those who suffer from the extreme cold.
I'm hoping I can find the time get a few squares knitted...at least one (every bit counts right?) by the required timeframe of Friday 3rd August.

If you are interested in taking part of the "Knit In" event, see the below link for further details.

KNIT IN - ABC Sydney - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

For information regarding specifications and how to drop off finished squares or wraps see the "Knit In" instructions here.

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  1. Good on you! And what a lovely reason to take it up. It is on my list of things to do too.


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