04 August 2012

I knitted a strip

My first attempt at knitting a square

Well I was hoping to get a square or two knitted up for the 'Knit In' campaign that was run by the ABC, but in a month I've only managed 1/5 of a square, so have knitted a strip.

Hubby joked that its 1/5 complete, only 4 months to go til its complete! (hahaha)

It's a pity the knitting was due yesterday, I was enjoying the challenge, but having two sick kiddies over the past month has been challenging enough and when I did get time to knit it was late at night.

My parents are awesome knitters and will often knit up a beanie, cardigan or jumper within weeks, so I guess I haven't got the knitters gene in me. Maybe I'll continue with it for next year.

Do you knit? Have you ever finished knitting anything?

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