20 August 2012

My little "Cherub" is growing up fast

I feel terrible that I haven't written much about my little bubba. Apart from her being sick, I haven't written anything, unlike all the posts I have written about Popette when she was a bubba.

I'm a little sad that this past year has gone by so quickly, you kind of forget once you have a toddler how quickly your baby's first year goes. I sometimes wish that I could rewind this past year and go through this time with "Cherub" all over again...minus all the times she's been sick and when she suffered the bad reflux.

Today I took her to her pediatrician, who thinks she has a big head for her age and is concerned about her fontanel's which have already closed up. He also commented that she hasn't 'grown into her eyes' and thought she might be a little cross-eyed. Of course being her Mummy, I think she's perfect!

My gorgeous girl

Last week she finally started commando crawling. Cherub is our chubba bubba and has been a little on the lazy side when it comes to moving. She's been rocking back & forth on her knees for a couple months, and sliding backwards for a few weeks. Yesterday she managed to commando crawl after my cup of tea. I guess it won't be long and she'll be crawling around after her big sister.

All dressed up in her new clothes

Cherub adores her big sister to bits. It's wonderful seeing them play together on the floor and being affectionate towards each other. Popette is always making her laugh, which is gorgeous. Cherub has got such a hearty little chuckle.

The girls playing together

I feel guilty when I leave her alone in her rocker or playing on the floor while I have a little time to myself (like the time I write a blog post or check my email/Facebook). I feel as though I should be spending this time with her.

I'm lucky that Popette goes to daycare twice a week, so I try and spend quality time with Cherub then, but there is always something that needs to be done like housework or errands, and I don't spend as much time with her than I should.

Cherub has a lovely little personality. She is so cheeky, and often grabs our finger and playfully bites it with her little fangs. She's always sucking her socks off her feet, then shoving her foot into her mouth. She loves playing on the floor with her toys or splashing away in the bath where she'll splash water all over the floor, walls and shower.

Cherub loves the bath!

I can't believe we will be celebrating her 1st birthday soon. It's gone by way too quickly.

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