07 September 2012

Week 35: Grateful for warmer weather

Spring is truly here in the mountains! We have some beautiful little freshias popping up in our front yard, and our plum tree is blossoming away in the backyard.

Our plum tree in full bloom
The weather this week has been a nice change from the cold days we've had over the past few months. Usually I love winter, especially cuddling in front of our log fire, but I am actually grateful to have the warmer weather here. It's warming us up, and will hopefully get my girls over their nasty colds and sicknesses they've been battling throughout winter.

I am grateful for the sunny, spring days which allows us to go on picnics or play at the park, and soak up the sun.

"Cherub" having fun in the sun

I am grateful for the warmer weather letting us get out our dresses, t-shirts & shorts and to feel the sun's rays on our bare arms and legs.

I am grateful for the warm winds drying the washing on the clothes line.

What are you grateful for?

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  1. Hasn't the sun been so amazing!? I was so excited to be hanging washing outside that I did five loads in one day. I still have a back log of new-to-us clothes to wash as well as the various blankets, cushions and toys around the place that need a bit a clean up. Unfortunately the rain came back with avengenace after a couple of lovely days, so I must wait a little longer.

    1. Hope the weather clears up for you :)

  2. I think plum bossom is the absolute glory of Spring, especially in Canberra, is screams Spring is coming, almost, hang in there, brrrr, love it, love Posie

    1. I love it, it's a beautiful tree. When it flowers and fruits we get rosellas and parrots visit. It's lovely :)

  3. Is there anything more delightful than feeling a little warmth in a Spring breeze? Ah, I love it too!! x


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