27 October 2012

New Kids craft page

Do you like art or being creative? I love being creative in all forms, whether it's painting, drawing, taking photo's, scrapbooking or my latest hobby, making decorative birthday cakes for my girls.

Egg carton caterpillars craft

When I was little I would spend hours sketching, or copying illustrations out of my favourite fairytale books. I also loved painting, and sitting at the table where I'd make things out of bits & pieces.

Art was my all-time favourite subject at high school, so when I left in year 10, I knew I wanted to persue it further at TAFE and completed a Fine Arts certificate. Over the years I have studied different forms of design (Fashion, Desktop Publishing & Web), so still in the creative field.

For now I get to share my love for craft & art with "Popette", and later hopefully "Cherub" will also show an interest. "Popette" loves it when we do craft together or as she calls it "crafting", or when we get the paints out and do some painting.

What I love most about our little crafting sessions is the special time I share with "Popette", and watching "Popette's" little imagination working away.

On the blog I have published several craft projects "Popette" and I have made. These posts can now be found under the new "Kids craft" page that's recently been added to the blog.

I will be adding new posts here from time to time, so make sure you check the page out regularly.

If you think you might be interested in sharing any of your own craft projects please contact me. If I get enough interest I might later add a craft linky to the blog!

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