12 November 2012

Christmas Craft: Snowman

With Christmas getting close I thought I'd put together a couple of small Christmas craft projects for Popette to make.

The first was a snowman which I had hoped she could sit quietly on her own and make while I sorted out some paperwork, of course Mumma had to sit down and help.

All you need is:

An empty toilet roll
Cotton balls
Glue stick
Felt pieces for scarf etc.
Small pom-poms for buttons
Foam ball

Cover the toilet roll with glue and stick on cotton balls. Then decorate your snowman how you choose, we decided on pom-poms for buttons, and a piece of felt for a scarf.

Popette managed to cover the toilet roll with glue and stuck on the cotton balls on her own, as well as a foam ball for the head.

Hot tip: If you are up to it, you could add some pipe cleaners for arms, and a little piece of orange pipe cleaner to represent a carrot for his nose. :)

A link to this project will be added to the Kids craft page, and don't forget to check for other craft ideas that can be found on the page too!

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