16 November 2012

Week 45: Grateful for daycare

This week I am grateful for daycare. I know its a strange thing to be grateful for, but I really am quite grateful for the two days my "Popette" goes to daycare. Not only do I get a little rest from her asking me a million questions, and from her unlimited bounds of energy. We have found that going to daycare is something "Popette" needs.

It means she has a day of fun (minus Mumma) where she plays with other children, she gets to use her imagination, she learns something new (yesterday it was playing on the computer as part of an introductory free Computer Gym session, which I'm told she loved!) and is part of a little group which gives her a sense of belonging.

On 1st December the daycare will be holding it's Christmas concert, where the kids will perform dances and songs they have been practising at daycare all year. Last year, "Popette" was a little taken back with all the people watching and cried up on stage, so we hope this year she'll be excited and enjoy herself.

I love it when she comes home all excited and tells me about her day, or how much she missed me (I love that part in particular!!).

So this week I am grateful that:
  • We can afford to send "Popette" to daycare two days a week, and for her to learn and experience new things that I can't always teach her at home.
  • To have some one-on-one time with my little "Cherub", without the constant interruptions from her big sister.
  • I get a little time to myself (mainly when "Cherub" has a nap) so I can do something that pleases me, not just the list of chores or housework that constantly is required.

What are you grateful for?

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  1. I can totally relate, I loved having 1:1 time with a baby, used to have a snooze when he did. Toddlers love being out and about and all the more so as they get older. They're sociable wee creatures. Glad you can have the time with your babe.

  2. Hip hooray for day care! I have a similar 2 days per week when my youngest goes to day care, and those hours of quiet are like gold. I do miss him, but I also crave that time alone, when I can think uninterrupted and start and finish a project in the one day!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I do miss my munchikin at times, but I love the quiet and glad to have a bit of time alone before she comes running through the door all noisy again :)

  3. Oh I hear you! I am SO grateful for child care, and will be especially grateful as we continue with it next year when I'm on maternity leave, enjoying time with my bub just like you are :)

    1. Hooray!!! Its so nice to have time alone with bubba. I feel as though its gone way too fast for me, ENJOY it! x

  4. I don't think it's a strange thing to be grateful for, Julie. I've been grateful for one daycare or another for eight years now!!! Enjoy the Christmas concert - they are such a barrel of laughs and so charming your heart melts. x


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