30 November 2012

Week 47: Christmas Traditions

I can't believe there is only 6 weeks of the "52 Weeks of Grateful" journey left, and a little less than a month until it's Christmas.

I'm glad I started buying the Christmas presents a little earlier than normal this year. It's becoming chaotic finding a parking spot down at the shopping centre. I've only got a couple presents left to buy, and then pick-up the girls presents from lay-by. Then we can start wrapping them up!

When it was just Hubby & I we used to have this little Christmas tradition where we would decorate the fresh Christmas tree we had purchased that day while watching a Christmas DVD, like "Miracle on 34th Street" (one of my favourite's). We'd make up a batch of popcorn, so we could thread it on pieces of string for the tree, then once we finished decorating start on the gift wrapping...more me, than Hubby who's all thumbs in that area!

Last year we started a little Christmas tradition with our girls. On Christmas Eve, we visited a street in our neighbourhood where a group of houses had a great Christmas lights and ornament display. Santa then made a special appearance via an RFS truck, giving out lollies and listening to the kids. "Popette" was very eager to speak to Santa and remind him that she wanted "red jelly beans and a new bike!" I'm sure Santa hadn't forgotten!

"Popette" finding red jelly beans in her Christmas sack!

When we got home "Popette" & I sprinkled some special reindeer food on the front lawn (oats mixed with glitter), then "Popette" placed some cookies and a glass of milk on the fireplace for Santa. The night ended with a hot chocolate, which we drank while watching "Polar Express" on DVD.

It was a lovely little tradition, and is something we hope to continue.

Growing up, my family didn't really have a Christmas tradition as such. The only tradition was catching up with my grandparents and relatives for Christmas lunch each year.

It was always such a busy day, but it was something I remember dearly and enjoyed each year. It was great catching up with my cousins, and seeing my aunts & uncle. Once my Hubby & I got married and had kids that tradition changed, and we only see the relatives every now and again on Christmas day.

So this week I am grateful for Christmas traditions. I am grateful for beginning a new tradition with my girls, where it will hopefully be something they look forward to each year with excitement, and is something they remember fondly.

I am also grateful for the tradition I had growing up, where we would spend Christmas lunch with my family & relatives. This particular tradition will always have a special place in my heart.

What are you grateful for?

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  1. Isn't it lovely starting your own family traditions? Such a special time of year for many.

  2. I love Christmas traditions! We celebrated with my parents on Christmas Eve night and have a special supper and exchange gifts - love it! Hoping to start a tradition of our own this year with my two girls, just not sure what yet...! Beautiful post x

  3. Sounds like a lovely tradition to begin with your family :-) I'm in the middle of making an advent calender (am currently covered in glue) which I'm hoping will become a tradition for our family - opening a drawer each day and doing something together.


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