28 December 2012

Week 52: Grateful for the end of a horrible year (and for turning 40)

On New Years Eve I will be turning 40! 40!! The big 4-0! Its hard to believe I'm nearing middle-age. I remember turning 25, and everyone having a crack at me turning quarter of a century.

I certainly don't feel 40, I guess that's a good thing. I've always thought I'd be the one crying in a corner about turning 40, but lately I've been trying to think about how I should be embracing it.

Some memories of the year
I remember hassling both my brothers when they turned the big 4-0, and asked them if they were going to sit in a corner and cry, of course that didn't go down too well!

A lot has happened in my 40 years for me to be grateful for; I was raised in a loving home by my two wonderful parents, I met and made friends at and out of school, through work, having children etc; I met my wonderful husband, I've travelled overseas and to places in Australia, I've gotten married, bought a house and became a Mummy to two sweet little girls.

I am grateful to be turning 40, even though it sounds daunting and means I'm no longer in my 30s (I hear 40 is the new 30, so really I should be celebrating turning 30, again) and inching my way closer to turning 50 (Arrggh!!! That's depressing! I only feel like I'm 30!).

I am grateful to have lived these past forty years (even with all the ups & downs), and grateful to have learned things about myself and others.

I'm also grateful that this year is nearly over.

While it's been a long, horrible year for my family, I am grateful for the wonderful memories we have made together this year, (for instance, "Cherub" crawling on her 1st birthday and our holiday to Port Stephens)

I will be grateful when this year is finally over on the strike of midnight, when it changes from my birthday to my husband's birthday, and for the new year to begin!

To those who have been with me on my "52 Weeks of Grateful" journey, thank you for checking in with me each week and seeing how my journey has been going. Hope to see you in 2013!

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take the time to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, and a safe & happy New Year. While it will be a sad time for my family this Christmas, we are looking forward in spending some quality time together, and catching up with family & relatives over the break.

I will be taking a much needed break from the blog, so won't be publishing any new posts after the last "52 Weeks of Grateful" post, which is scheduled to publish on 28 December 2012.

To those who frequent this blog, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read my little blog. Your comments are always appreciated. I hope to hear from you next year. :)

To those who have been with me on my "52 Weeks of Grateful" journey, thank you for checking in with me and seeing how my journey has been going. I've got to say I'm actually 'grateful' (mind the pun) that the journey is nearly over! It's been a long, horrible year for my family and I will be grateful when this year is over, and for the new year to begin!

21 December 2012

Week 50: Grateful for no more suffering

Last week my Dad died to bladder cancer which in the last few months became aggressive resulting in his immune system becoming weak and him contracting pneumonia.

While I miss him hugely and wish he was still here with us, I am grateful that he is no longer suffering and can now rest in peace.

I am grateful to have some wonderful memories of us being together and growing up.

I am grateful that he passed away fairly quickly (and hoping painlessly).

I love you Dad, and miss you so much. You will be forever in my thoughts.

R.I.P xxx

My parents and I on my birthday last year...it'll be sad without him this year

What are you grateful for?

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15 December 2012

No grateful post this week

On Thursday night my father passed away from a long battle with cancer. At this time, I'm finding it hard to think of something to be grateful for so I've decided I won't be publishing a 'grateful' post this week.

07 December 2012

Week 48: Free printables and resources

I have been a bit slow this year in organising an advent calendar for "Popette". Last year she really loved opening the little flap of the advent calendar to see what was behind it (it was chocolate of course), but this year I forgot what day I needed to start the advent calendar (my maths is really bad!), and didn't buy one in time.

So rather than indulge "Popette" with chocolate (and more energy which she really doesn't need!) I searched Pinterest and found a great "craft" advent calendar.

It's such a cute idea! All you do is stick cotton balls on Santa's beard each day/night, and by the time Christmas is here he has a complete beard!

I thought this was very clever, and something "Popette" would really enjoy, as she loves her craft. We are 7 days into December, and she still hasn't stuck one cotton ball on, I guess she's going to busy tonight!

So this week I am grateful for free printables and other free resources that can be found on the Internet. I am grateful for the abundance of free printables and little craft activities that can be found on Pinterest. The other day we made reindeer pictures using handprints!

I am also grateful for being able to find colouring-in pages of the latest cartoon character "Popette" is into, and print out some sheets for her to colour in. Today it was a Winnie the Pooh and Peppa Pig christmas pictures.

What are you grateful for?

I am linking up with Maxabella Loves over at Kidspot Village Voices.

04 December 2012

Craft: Santa Advent Calendar printable

I have been a bit slow with getting an advent calendar organised for Popette this year, and since we are already well into December I thought it was no use buying one from the shops. Today I was looking on Pinterest and found this great crafty advent calendar of Santa from Inviting Printables blog. I thought this would be a great activity for Popette.

Source: JulieM on Pinterest

It's something easy for littlies to do. All you need is a printer to print out the poster, then some cotton wool balls and a glue stick.

Since we've missed the countdown, I'll get Popettte to add a few more cotton wool balls to catch us up to the amount of days left.

03 December 2012

Memories of Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is nearly here! It only felt like yesterday when I took "Popette" and a tiny "Cherub" down to meet Santa at the local shopping centre to have their photo taken with him last year.

Last year's Christmas photo with Santa
"Popette" is getting very excited about Christmas this year, as she is a little older, she remembers all the fun we had last year; buying and wrapping Christmas presents, sitting on Santa's knee and telling him what she'd like for Christmas, decorating the tree, and of course, Christmas day itself.

One of my fondest memories is of a present I received when I was about 11 years old from my parents.

Mum & Dad had bought me a trampoline for Christmas, of course I didn’t know at the time I was receiving it, it was to be a B.I.G. surprise. All I remember is Mum & Dad piling me and my brothers into the car a few days prior to Christmas, and travelling a long distance to pick it up.

When we arrived the trampoline was all boxed up, it was so big Dad had to tie it to the roof of the car (I don't even think we had roof racks back then, so it was literally tied to the roof!!). I remember asking Dad “What is it?”, and his reply was “It's Daddy’s ladder”.

Of course when we got home I asked if he was going to get his ladder out of the box, and he would reply “No, not yet, maybe later.” But by the time "later" came around, I had well and truly forgotten about "Daddy's ladder".

Then late Christmas Eve when I was in bed asleep my Dad and Pop opened the box and put together my trampoline.

On Christmas morning I found a card addressed to me under the tree. Inside it was a long piece of ribbon attached to the card. The ribbon led me on an adventure throughout the house until I was finally taken down the back steps to the trampoline sitting in the backyard!

I remember being so excited to have a trampoline of my own. It was the best present I had ever received as a kid. Over the years I spent many hours jumping on it.

Do you have a memory of the best gift you ever received or had given someone?