18 January 2013

My "big girl"

Last week I wrote about our busy week of birthday celebrations. But one birth(day) which I won't ever forget is of my "Popette". "Popette" recently turned 4, so is officially my big girl! It's scarey to think that next year she may be heading off to "big school" (as she affectionately calls it). For me, it doesn't seem that long ago when she was our most precious, sweet, tiny baby girl who was born early into the world! You can read about her birth story here.

"Popette" is such a chatterbox, like most toddlers, she talks a lot! There are times when I need to escape from her, as my head starts pounding from all that talking!

I love watching her play on her own and with her sister "Cherub". Today she was role playing, and talking about herself in the 3rd person, which was funny to hear.

She is very attentive to "Cherub". Some days she will tell me "Mama, "Cherub" wants to watch Peppa", of course, it couldn't possibly be "Popette" wanting to watch Peppa Pig! Or she will tell me if "Cherub" is getting into something she shouldn't...which happens a lot lately. Latest example is her telling me that "Cherub" has crawled under the dining room table soon after breakfast. (We have tiles in the dining room, which I hate, no matter how much I sweep or mop them, they always look grubby. "Cherub's" knees always get grubby from crawling around on the floor, especially in the dining room, so it's become a bit of a "No Go Zone" for her.)

"Popette" is very cheeky. She loves telling stories. The other day we did some painting together, where she was telling me about her painting. It was a Gruffalo who was eating "Gruffalo crumble" (what the?) and while he was eating it, he hurt his hand and it started to bleed. So she then painted a bandaid on the hand. (See below pic)

Popette's painting of the gruffalo with a bandaid

Then in detail she told me how he used to be friends with a mouse. I asked what happened to the mouse. She replied that the gruffalo had eaten him!

She's only seen a little of the Gruffalo movie, as she was scared and wanted it turned off, so I'm not sure if that's what actually happened?

I love watching "Popette" learn new things, lately its writing her name and other letters. She also loves drawing and building houses out of her blocks, the other day it was a home for Barbie. While there are times she drives me crazy, and I wish she was at daycare that day, I do love spending time with her.

I know there are some Mums who have no choice to return to work after having a baby, and miss out on the first few years of their child's life. I think its the most important time of their young lives as they learn and conquer all of their 'firsts' ("Cherub" is so close to walking, she made a few steps with her walker last night!) and its a time that you can't get back. So I count myself as lucky to be able to take time off working and be with my girls, while it drives me crazy, I am grateful to have this time to at home with them.

I thought I'd share some lovely photos of my "big girl".

Did you take time off work to be at home with your children, or return to work straight away they were born?

My "big girl"
Playing together at the water table

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