14 February 2013

Craft: Collage heart card for Valentine's day

If you haven't bought someone a Valentine's day card yet, why don't you get the kids to make this one.

Yesterday "Popette" made this cute collage heart out of coloured paper, which she then stuck onto some thick watercolour paper to make a Valentine's day card for both her Daddy and Nanna.

Then inside she drew some pictures and signed her name.

It's such a quick crafty project to make (which made us both happy), and something kids can do themselves. "Popette" did most of it herself, she just needed a little help from Mummy with the scissors!

All you need is:

Coloured paper (we chose Red & Pink of course!)
Thick white paper or cardboard for card



  1. So clever! You've just given me a craft idea to do with my little one :) thank you xx

    1. I'm glad you liked it! :) I hope you and your little one had fun making it. xx


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