18 February 2013

Feeling grateful for attending my 25 year school reunion

What a weekend I've had. Not only did the two girls have two birthday parties to attend too (I was feeling tired just from that), but on Saturday night I went to my high school reunion.

It had been 25 years since most of us left school (we were in year 10, the class of '88), but most of us hadn't seen each other in 25 years. I had been looking forward to it all week, and on the day was feeling slightly nervous about seeing people I hadn't seen for so long, and catching up with old school friends.

At the Year 10 formal with my big hair!

As soon as I saw old faces from my year (friends, a couple of enemies and a couple of crushes), a whole lot of memories came flooding back to me. Some good, some not so good.

It's funny how at 40 years old, I felt like I was 14 and back at school again.

The good thing was I wasn't that shy 14 year old anymore. I was a confident, happy woman chatting to people I didn't know all that well (ok maybe not the guys I had a crush on!), but felt glad to be the age I was and not the young girl I was back at school.

At the school reunion on the weekend
Even though we had all grown up (ok, maybe not all of them) and no longer the pimply faced kids, it was funny seeing people hanging in the same crowds as at school. You know, the popular/"in" crowd in one corner, the nerds in another corner, the bullies in another and then the rest of us.

There were a few faces I didn't recognise at first, but most, looked the same apart from a few wrinkles, no hair or they had lost or put on weight.

It was a fantastic night, I really enjoyed catching up with old school friends I hadn't seen or spoken with in years, and reminiscing about old times.

I guess you could say I was grateful to have gone to the reunion. My friend had been to the last couple of reunions, but this was my first. I was a little nervous about going, and wasn't sure what to expect. Funnily enough not everyone recognised me at first. Some "clicked" after looking at the old year 10 school photo of us all.

But it didn't surprise me, as I wasn't one of the popular kids and had changed in appearance since school, in the end I had a great night and hoping to keep in touch with some of the people I caught up with.

Have you ever been to a school reunion? How did you feel?


  1. being overseas means i have missed most of them - i managed to get lucky for my 5 year high school reunion and caught up then - it was great. i have since missed all the big ones! thanks to facebook i am in touch with a big bunch of high school friends so at least feel like a mini reunion happened online

    glad you had a good time!!xx

    1. It's great catching up with people I hadn't seen in a very long time, some since I left school in 1988 (makes me sound old!), a lot of us have now become FB friends which means we can now stay in contact. Gotta love technology xx


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