04 March 2013

Craft: Paper roll Owls

I found this cute craft on the Internet, and thought I'd make it with "Popette" on the weekend. They are cute little owls made out of paper rolls.

Such an easy and affordable craft to make with the little ones. I'm always stashing a few paper towel rolls, or toilet rolls away in the craft box.

All you need is:

Plain toilet or paper towel rolls
Coloured paper (or Textas, Pencils or Paint if you want to be extra creative!)
Stick-on Googly eyes

You can either paint or cover the paper rolls with any coloured paper you have lying around. We decided to use coloured paper for covering the body, for the owl's wings and beak, along with some googly eyes.

How to make the owls:

I rougly measured out how much coloured paper I needed by lining up the toilet roll against the paper, then "Popette" and I got busy gluing down the paper onto the owls bodies.

"Popette" sticking on the coloured paper

To make the wings, draw a large eye or leaf shape on a doubled-over piece of paper, so when you cut it out you have two exact size shapes for the wings.

Cut out a little triangle in yellow or orange paper for the owls beak (or you could draw it on in texta or pencil) and stick on to the body.

Then pinch the top of the paper roll a little to form the owls ears. (You can cut the roll to form the ears, I tried both types, but think the folded option looks neater)

Then glue on the wings, and stick on the googly eyes.

There you have it. A cute little owl.

Here are our owls!


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