11 March 2013

Craft: Playdough prints

"Popette" & I make some fun prints on Friday using old pieces of playdough and paint.

If you have old pieces of playdough thats dried up, and think it should be tossed out. Don't toss it out. Instead, you can create this fun craft with the kids.

All you need is:

Old playdough
Tools such as playdough cutters and patterns
Watercolour paints
Paint brushes
Art Paper

"Popette" adding a splash of colour

How to make a print:

We first used something to roll out the playdough, then made some patterns in the playdough. (We used some of "Popette's" playdough cutters and tools).

Then covered the playdough in a watery paint, and finally pressed down a piece of paper on top!

"Popette" thought it was great fun, and enjoyed making patterns in the playdough and painting the playdough.

Another print where we drew pictures and used playdough shapes

I just hope she doesn't dry out her new playdough on purpose, so she can do some more printing!

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