06 March 2014

Craft: Potato printing

I am linking up to a post I shared last year on potato printing. This was a great activity to make with the kids when I had a green potato that I didn't want to cook. We have one sitting on the microwave so I think we might be doing some printing this afternoon :) 

I remember when I was little my Mum would cut up a couple potatoes into "stamps", then set me up with some butcher's paper and paint so I could print potato shapes - it was one of my favourite craft activities growing up!

So on Friday I thought I'd try it out with Popette. Believe it or not, she loved it too!

Popette painting her Easter bunny (courtesy of Mummy)

All you need is:

Butcher's paper or art paper
Paint brush

It's another easy activity (if you haven't noticed by now, I like it easy), and it doesn't require a lot of skill, you just need to be able to cut a potato into a shape - I made a mushroom, and Easter egg design.

My potato "stamp" of an Easter egg design

Popette enjoyed painting the potatoes with different colours and stamping them on to the paper.

Popette stamping a shape

Our finished prints drying on the line.

If you are looking for other fun, craft activities, be sure to check out the "Kids craft" page.


  1. Clever! And she looks like she's loving it! I need your craft ideas - mine are so boring! This sounds like an activity we will do! Thanks Julie x

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    2. So glad you like it Elisa, I'm happy to provide you with my crafty ideas :)


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