08 April 2013

A mother's pride

I am so proud of my girls, in particular "Popette", my big girl.

On Friday I watched her at swimming lessons where she dog paddled, kicked and floated on her back. I was really proud of how determined she was at paddling and kicking at the same time, then floating on her back while kicking her legs. Every now and then I'd see her sweet little face beam up at me with a huge grin, and remember her as the bubba with that same cherub face only a few years ago. It reminded me of how small and sweet she still is.

Paddling away at swimming lessons

She has been going through a rough time these past few months. As I mentioned in my last post, for the past 3 months she's been having anxiety attacks when we drop her off to daycare, but seeing her at swimming lessons (after taking a year off) and doing so well, made me so proud of her.

Sometimes I wish she was still my tiny, sweet, defenceless baby girl, so I could cuddle her and protect her from all the horrible stuff that happens in life, but alas she's not, she's my "big girl" and is growing up so so fast.

For the past month "Popette" has been learning how to play the ukelele in music class, which she is loving! Her favourite part of music class is when they get to play the instruments. Although, when they have "magic chair" time (when each child takes turns to sit on the "special" seat and chooses a song they want to sing) she is my little performer, and will sit up straight and belt out a song to her little hearts content.

My little musician
"Popette" also loves to draw, paint and make craft!! Yesterday we got the chance to meet our craft "hero" Mister Maker, which made "Popette's" day...but that's another post for another time!

My little "Cherub", who is now 18 months, has finally mastered the art of walking. She walks every chance she gets. Most of the time it's around the house. She's at that age where she's getting into everything (I honestly forgot how bad that was!) She is a very cheeky tot, and does this cute little scrunched up face when she's being cheeky (reminds me so much of her big sister) or when she gets in trouble she'll hold her hands up in front of her face (a la peek-a-book) to hide from me.
My cheeky cherub
She's become our little troublemaker and often picks on her big sister! She loves playing blocks, looking at her books ("Popette" tells me she is reading, lol) and playing with her big sister.

The girls love each other to bits, and love playing in the new tent we bought them, or at the sand & water table on the back deck.

Those sweet little girls really make me a proud Mumma.


  1. So beautiful Julie! I love when they play together! My youngest is 18 months too and so this has just begun xx

    1. Thanks Elisa, I love it too! They are so sweet when they play together (well most of the time). xx

  2. lovely words - and awesome photos - you have captured those little girls so well -beautiful xx deb


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