29 April 2013

How I'm travelling...new years resolutions check-in

Every year I make a resolution with the good intention of following through on it. For instance "Lose weight", but usually it doesn't happen. So at the beginning of this year I made four new years resolutions to myself, which I am trying very hard to follow through on. 
As we are 4 months into the year I thought it was time to check-in and see how I'm travelling, and hopefully by writing it down I become accountable of what it is I need to do and make sure I do it.

Eat (be) healthier

A couple months ago my Hubby & I had our cholesterol test done. Hubby's came back perfect, whereas mine wasn't good. I have high cholesterol and need to make changes to my diet, including eating smaller portions, take red krill oil tablets and exercise more.

We are eating better, but still probably eat a little too much, and I'm still not exercising enough so I really need to join a gym or a class of some sort.

For a while now I've been feeling a little flat, and not entirely happy with myself. I had a chat about how I was feeling to my hubby, and mentioned that I might see the GP for a little chat and get my hormones checked out at the same time.

Next steps...
  • Make a visit to my GP for a check-up
  • Sign up to the gym
  • Write a menu for the week and stick to it 

Declutter and organise

Hmm, I haven't made as much progress with this resolution as I would have liked. I have a made a small start in getting paperwork tidied up on my desk. We now have two document holders, one is for guarantees and manuals, and the other for bank statements, childcare statements, etc. So the pile that I had on my desk is getting smaller. I really need to keep on top of things that don't belong on the desk, like the girls drawings.

Next steps...
  • I need to go through the clutter we have around the house, and sort into piles what is junk and need to be chucked out, what needs to be put away, if it's broken get repaired or toss out, or donate what we no longer need/want.
  • Buy a small whiteboard so I can keep track of what jobs I need to do each day, and not get sidetracked by something else.
Make new friends/save old friendships

I have made a little start at breaking out of my comfort zone (which you can read about here) where I've started taking the girls to playgroup so they (and myself) can make some new friends. As we've just had school holidays playgroup hasn't been on so we've missed it for a couple weeks, but we'll get back to it this week. I'm hoping "Popette" will start interacting with some of the kids there.

Next steps...
  • Hubby & I need to make more time for ourselves. While we love spending time with the girls, we miss spending time together. I think we need a few dates organised for just the two of us. 
  • Make contact with old friends and arrange a catchup.
Spend less time on computer, more time with girls.

This hasn't been going all that great for me. I try and devote time to both my girls, and spend time doing something with them separately, which in the end doesn't leave much time for myself.

When I do have a little break, it usually results in me turning on the computer and logging onto FB or writing on this blog. I then feel guilty (oh the guilt) for taking a few moments for myself or for being on the computer (my husband is sure I spend all day on the computer!)

Next steps...
  • I know I need to manage my time better with this one!

Did you make any new year's resolutions this year? What are they? Are you on track with them?

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  1. I didn't make any resolutions this year. But set some goals (I guess that's kinda the same thing?)
    The main goal was to run a half marathon - in 2 weeks I'll be donig just that!
    Keep going on your progress! Your doing great and it's not even half way through the year yet!


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