24 June 2013

Reconnecting with my true self and finding what makes me happy!

Hello! I'm back!!

If you hadn't noticed I've been offline for the past 4 weeks. Last month I decided to have a little break from blogging to focus my thoughts and energy back to the things that make me happy, as I was feeling very low, struggling with everything and being a grumpy Mumma.

Hubby has also been on 2 weeks holidays which has been great. We've spent some lovely time together as a family and been having lots of fun, which is something we've all needed. I hope to publish some posts soon about the fun we've had, including some new craft activities.

While offline I found myself thinking about the blog, and ideas for posts I could write. A couple of times, I even found myself at the computer writing notes for future posts. So I guess that means blogging is something that makes me happy. :)

I also spent time reading other blogs, ebooks, scrapbooking, and rediscovered my art and started doodling in an art journal just for the sake of creating. Whether I spent 10 minutes or an hour, I felt happier afterwards and had more energy for continuing on with the housework and bringing up my children.

I will be honest with you I'm not 100% happy, unfortunately the washing, cleaning and tidying up will always be there, but I've found if I juggle my time better and make a little time for myself each day I am on the road to being a happier person.

So my plan for the rest of the year is to continue focussing on the things that makes me happy and recording it here on the blog.

What passions make you truly happy?