11 July 2013

A Mumma's letter to her girls

Popette having a pony ride
To my big girl Popette,

I can't believe you will be turning 5 in January, it doesn't feel so long ago when you made your entrance into this world. The thought of you starting "big school" both scares and delights me. One minute I want you to stay Mummy's little girl, and be at home with me and Cherub. Then there's the days I want you to be a big girl, and be off learning all the things you learn in kindy. You are such a clever girl, and love learning. There are days when you drive Daddy & I crazy with all your "why's". 

It has been a difficult and confusing year for you and I wish it wasn't. I know there are days when you feel a little frustrated because there isn't someone to play with or I'm busy cleaning & tidying the house. I know I don't spend as much time with you or Cherub as I used to, but I love the time we spend together creating something out of craft, or paint or draw together. When Cherub has a nap, you will often say "Mumma can we make something special". I know I will miss those times together when you are at big school.

You are such a sweet natured little girl, and have a huge heart for someone so young, I hope that never changes. You will always be my little Popette.

Cheeky Cherub always smiling

To my sweet little Cherub,

You are growing up so quickly it saddens me that you won't be my little bubba much longer. You have such a funny little personality, you love making us laugh, especially when you make a funny face by pressing your face against the glass sliding door. You love to push Mummy and Daddy's lips together and watch us kiss, then we kiss you on each cheek, and you do it again. It's become a little ritual at bedtime especially.

Lately you love to sit in your highchair "drawing" (more like scribbles) and colouring in.

You love exploring outside, especially holding my hand & walking around the place. Or go on an outing to Bunnings, where you go down the slide with Popette or Daddy.

You are such a good baby, and get so excited when its time to have your milk. I wish you would show more enthusiasm for eating your dinner though, you can be so fussy! At the moment, peas, corn & beans are your favourite vegies, and you love bananas!

I can't believe that you are nearly two, where has that time gone.

There are days when I wish you were still a tiny baby who slept and drank bottles all day, but then I think of all you've accomplished in your short life and think of what I would miss out on, like your cheeky smiles and cuddles.

Me and my girls at Sydney Aquarium
I love you both, my girls. You have made me such a happy Mumma.



  1. So beautiful Julie. My girls are similar ages to yours - almost four and almost two. They grow up so fast, it's lovely to stop and cherish where they're at right now xx

    1. Thanks Elisa, it likes they say "blink and you miss it". xx

  2. A beautiful letter to your girls! They just grow way too fast, don't they??

    1. Thanks Grace, yes they do, I wish I could stop them growing! ;)

  3. I remember writing letters to my cherubs. Such sweet words.

  4. Lovely to meet you via Grace's FYBF - love that aquarium shot :)I call my daughter poppet all the time :) Emily

    1. Hi Emily, Lovely to meet you too! Thanks for popping by. :)

  5. I'm visiting via 52 Weeks of Grateful. This is so lovely, something for your gorgeous girls to treasure.
    Lisa x


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