08 July 2013

Craft: Shadow Puppets

One of "Popette" and "Cherub's" favourite shows is Peppa Pig. It even makes Hubby & I laugh at times, especially when its about Daddy Pig!

A few weeks ago "Popette" and I cut out some cardboard shapes of Peppa & her friends for a little impromptu shadow puppet show. We had Nanny visiting us, so she was in for a special treat. It was so much fun watching "Popette" make up her little stories based on some of the Peppa Pig shows she had watched.

Our first performance was the "Secret Club" with Suzie Sheep, Danny Dog, Peppa and George. I was very good at George if I say so myself, I said "Dinosaur" and did the occasional "Roar!!!"

Then "Popette" gave a solo performance with Peppa & friends visiting Grampa & Grandma Pig's house for afternoon tea, and a visit to the museum to see Dinosaurs. Daddy joined her and was very good at playing the character's and giving the occassional snort, woof or bah when needed.

The best thing about it was "Popette" used her imagination, and we had fun as a family.

All you need is:

Black cardboard
Chopsticks or wooden skewers
Sticky or masking tape
White sheet
A stand to drape the sheet on

This is very easy. All I did was copy some characters from "Cherub's" Peppa Pig puzzle on to some black cardboard, but you could trace them out of a colouring-in book or from pictures printed off the Internet.

Then cut out the shapes and stick them on a chopstick with some masking tape.

Ta-da, you have puppets!

Suitable age group: 4-5yrs
Estimated time: 15 mins (if Mum or Dad helps cut out the shapes)
Messiness factor: low


  1. This is so clever julie!! You are so imaginative. I wish I naturally had your creativity and craft skills! My little one would love this... we all love peppa and family here! Xx

    1. Awww thanks Elisa, I'm sure you are just as creative! Daddy Pig is my fave! xx

  2. I love this. What an awesome idea. We are huge Peppa fans in this house. I love Daddy Pig too ;) My daughter is only three, but I think she may still get a kick out of this. Thanks for the idea.

  3. This is so darn cute and fitting that Peppa is my first shadow puppet show. I'm still sad that the kids have outgrown her and secretly watch her in the afternoons by myself whenever possible. x

    1. Thanks Bron, I sometimes catch myself watching Peppa when the kids aren't! I think we'll have another 3 years of her in our house. x


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