30 August 2013

Being grateful: Spring

Last week I was grateful for warmer weather, the pockets of sunshine we were having and to see the end of Winter, so this week's post had to be about Spring!

I love Spring, its probably my most favourite season.

A blossom from my plum tree

I remember growing up the flowers Dad grew in his greenhouse: carnations, sweet peas, orchids, chrysanthemums and roses.

The flower shows my parents helped with and visits to beautiful gardens.

The jasmine is flowering like crazy, I love its smell.

A couple months ago we planted Dad's favourite rose (Mr Lincoln) in our front garden, in memory of Dad. Over the past few weeks the leaves have started sprouting. I can't wait for it to bud, it's a beautiful rose. We also planted some english standard roses, and lavendar which are starting to flower.

"Mr Lincoln" standard rose planted in my Dad's memory

This week I am grateful for spring weather, flowers in bloom, birds chirping outside my window and gorgeous sunshiny days spent playing at the park.

What are you grateful for?

I am linking up with Octavia & Vicky for 52 weeks of grateful.


  1. Hi Julie, I'm loving spring too, I bet your plum tree is looking gorgeous, they're beautiful when they're out in flower :)

  2. Spring is definitely my favourite season, I love it! :)

  3. Isn't spring just amazing? It is natures true triumph, I think. Except for the sneezing part LOL


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