21 August 2013

Let the creative juices flow

Lately I've been letting my creative juices flow! Spending time creating is something that makes me really happy. I love to sit outside & soak up the sun while doodling ideas in my journal.

I love to draw the first thing that enters my mind (when I have some peace & quiet), and see where my ideas take me.

My latest drawing titled "Don't give up on your dreams"
Lately, I've been inspired by all the beautiful stationery & prints found at kikki.k (I'd love a job there!), and would so love to one day start up my own little business selling my own watercolour prints. It's a little dream at the moment, but something I keep thinking about.

Some watercolour drawings I've been working on

Another one of my creative passions has been baking. I've been loving all the cooking shows that's on TV at the moment especially "Great Australian Bake Off", a shame its on late, as I'm always left hungry after watching it!

As an early anniversary present, my Hubbby bought me my own mixer!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited, it's sooo pretty!!

My new baby, she's so pretty!

Today Popette and I christened it by making some cupcakes, which were very tasty!

A couple weeks ago we celebrated my Mum's birthday, it was the first birthday without Dad, so I wanted her cake to be something fun, and that cheered her up. So I made her a garden bed cake with "Nanna" sitting behind a little garden bed which spelt out "M.U.M". Mum got a good laugh out of it, so that was all that I needed.

My Mum's birthday cake

What do you do to get your creative juices flowing?

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