08 August 2013

Suffering a cold with a mild dose of motherguilt

I haven't been feeling very well this week. Last Saturday we had a lovely afternoon playing on one of those giant jumping pillows, but I think the jumping in cold windy weather didn't help me! :(

Popette having a bounce on the giant pillow on the weekend
For the past few days I've been battling a soar throat and headache that just doesn't want to go away, so I've been letting the DVD player have a workout (I will soon know "Cinderella" and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" off by heart!) and the TV tuned to "ABC4Kids".

I always feel guilty when the girls sit in front of the TV for too long. Most days they are playing with the TV going in the background, so don't really sit for too long. Popette is now turning off the TV by herself (except she usually forgets to turn the DVD player off) which is great. Good for saving power!

As it's been a bit nippy lately, they haven't played much outside, so have missed trips to the park.

This week we were supposed to catchup with friends of Popettes, but had to cancel because their Mum was sick also. Another friend tried arranging a catchup, but I knocked her back because I wasn't feeling well.

Why is it, that when you try and look after yourself, your littlies suffer.

Yesterday Popette was playing with "imaginary" friends. She had two balloon's that she had drawn faces on and called them "Fred" and "Olivia", and told me they were here new best friends. It was a short friendship, they lasted all of 2 minutes and burst!

She got quite upset afterwards, and shared with me that she was sad that she didn't have any friends to play with at home, and doesn't want to play on her own. She told me that she doesn't like playing on her own, and asked if I'd play with her.

It broke my heart.

I felt so guilty for her not seeing much of her friends lately, I know I have been reluctant to take them out when they are sick or just gotten over a sickness, as I haven't wanted them to get any sicker, or I've had so much on my plate I would decline a catchup and stay at home to get things done.

Sometimes I forget that they are little for only so long, and soon Popette will be going to school, and I won't have this time with her.

I feel so bad for Popette. She used to be such an outgoing little toddler, now she's become a little withdrawn and shy playing with other kids. When I asked her about playing with kids at daycare, she said "What if they don't like me or don't want to play with me". Poor darlin.

I really need to make an effort and arrange some regular catchups for Popette with her friends.

Poor Cherub doesn't really have any little friends to play with, I've been taking her to playgroup in a hope she'll meet some little kids her age, but she normally plays with me, her sister or on her own. She follows her big sister around and will play with her sister's friends & their siblings, so I guess that's one good thing.

Do you ever experience motherguilt? What do you do to overcome it?

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