24 September 2013

A letter to Cherub for her 2nd birthday

To my little Cherub,

Happy Birthday!

You are now 2 years old and officially a toddler (as much as I hate to say it). The past 2 years have gone by way too fast, I wish time would stop so I could enjoy you as my little bubba for a while longer. You have been such a sweet sweet bubba, and now, my cheeky little monkey.

What better way to spend your birthday then with Daddy taking the day off work and the four of us spending the day at the beach. It was a lovely day.

You loved sitting on the sand with Daddy building sandcastles, and having a little splash in the water.

Your big sister was happy to splash in the water with Mummy, and make sandcastles alongside of you.


It was a beautiful sunny Spring day. A perfect day for a birthday.

We enjoyed some fish & chips for lunch, then back for more play in the water and sand.

Then to finish our day we ate ice creams by the beach, before making our way home.

You had a lovely day. Too excited to sleep on the way home. You enjoyed the trip through the tunnel and chatting (screeching) along with your sister.

We had held a little party for you on the weekend with family which you also loved, you're a very lucky girl and loved very much.

Please don't grow up too fast, Mumma wants you to stay her little girl for just a little longer.

Love your Mumma


  1. My youngest has just turned two and I don't want him to grow up :( Such a precious age - even though his favourite word right now is NO - STOP MUMMA! x Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me!

    1. They grow too fast! Poor Mumma, hope he picks up a new word soon. :)

  2. I know what you mean Julie, my youngest just turned two and I want to bottle him, but probably because he's my last - I remember at times wishing for my older two to grow and do new things! Love a fun day at the beach come spring! Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me


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