20 September 2013

Being grateful: To my readers

This week I am grateful to the readers who have joined my little community on the blog and over at the Facebook page, as well as other followers who pop in from time to time.

While this blog was originally setup as a way for me to record my feelings, thoughts and moments as a Mummy, it's now become somewhere where I can interract with other parents and feel as though I'm not alone on this Mummy journey. It's also become a place where I can share craft ideas and record moments of gratitude.

I can't believe the blog is now in its 3rd year, its gone by so fast.

So thank you to all of you have commented, liked, shared or just taken the time to read a post. :)

What are you grateful for?

I am linking up with Octavia & Vicky for 52 weeks of grateful.


  1. Oh, me too! I didn't really think about the readers at all when I started, and now they are always in my mind :) I'm so pleased to count myself among your loyal readers x


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