31 October 2013

Checking in on my new year's resolutions

Today I thought I'd check the progress of my new years resolutions, and see how far have I come since April's check-in.

I have been trying really hard this year to stick to the things on my list. They aren't just a list of fluffy resolutions (ie. buy new underwear, eat less chocolate - ok, I do need new underwear and I should eat less chocolate! ) I wanted them to be something that is going to change my life for the better.

Eat (be) healthier

It's taken ten months, but I have finally joined a gym! After much procrastinating and saying to my husband "I need to join a gym". I finally went to a local gym and signed up for a 7 day trial. While I'm worried about being locked into a 12 month contract (I prefer the no-contract option) I found myself puffing after chasing Cherub around, so knew I had to get serious about my health and do something about it. Tomorrow night I have one last session on my 7 day trial, then I will be signing up for 12 months!

We have been sticking to our weekly menu plan really well, and even saving money by not buying items that aren't on the list. Of course, there's the odd occasion when we don't feel like the meal we have planned, and buy take-out. But usually we are pretty good at sticking to what's on our menu.

I finally saw a GP about how I was feeling. We talked about ways to manage my feelings, and my GP has prescribed some vitamins and is sending me off to get some blood tests done. As I mentioned
before, I think having a chat with someone about how I'm feeling or what I've been going through has been of help.

Declutter and organise

Keeping the house free of clutter and organised has been one of my biggest struggles. I can't seem to keep on top of it. When I think I have it under control, another pile of stuff seems to appear out of nowhere. Or the washing takes a life of its own and is piled up to the ceiling, along with the dirty laundry waiting to be washed. Its never ending.

I'd love to be one of those Mum's who has a spotless house, and can have people drop in unannounced and not be embarrassed by a huge mess, but unfortunately that's not the case here!

This resolution is a work in progress and something I will need to work on.

Make new friends/save old friendships

I am happy to say that I have made further progress with this resolution. :)

Popette has been a little lonely at home and recently asked if we could arrange some playdates with friends of her's from daycare. As someone who is not good at breaking out of the 
comfort zone, I left a note in the pidgeon holes of each girl inviting them on a playdate with Popette. Popette was so happy when we got 3 replies saying "Yes please!"

We caught up with two of her little friends a couple weeks ago. The girls all had a great time running around and playing together at the park. I also had a nice time chatting to each of the mums.

We have another playdate planned for next week with little friend no 3, followed by more playdates in the coming weeks.

I am taking the girls to playgroup more regularly, which has been good for me as it gets me out of the house and I get to talk to other women. Plus its good for the girls. They are getting out of the house, playing with other toys, making craft and sometimes playing with other kids.

A few months ago I opened up to an old friend of mine, telling her how I had been
struggling. We seem to talk to each other a bit more regularly than before, which is a good thing.

Spend less time on computer, more time with girls. þ

I have been trying to limit the time I spend on the computer to when Cherub has her day nap, or when Popette is busy drawing or chilling out on the lounge. While I do spend a bit more time writing posts, there are other days when the only time I go on the computer is in the evening. While I'm not giving the girls all my attention, all the time, I have been spending more time with them playing, creating, laughing and going out. So I'm happy with this resolution.

The results so far - 3 out of 4. Not too bad!! :)

Have you been ticking any items off your resolutions list, or have you given up and thrown it in the too hard basket?


  1. Hi! Found your blog via FYBF. Your resolutions are very similar to mine and I love that you've re-visited yours. It's hard to believe we'll all be making them again in 8 short weeks!! Kirsten

    1. Thanks Kirsten, Oh no, don't say that!! That means I'll need to think of some new resolutions ;) Thanks for popping by :)

  2. Hi Julie, you had good resolutions, particularly about the friendships and computer. Great idea to do a check in and how good are you at actually following them through. I've only made it a whole year on 1 resolution and that was to give up chocolate...I made up for it the next year :) xx Kate from www.quittingthequickfix popping over from FYBF

    1. Thanks Kate, you are very brave to give up chocolate! Chocolate has been my comfort food after a long day with the girls ;) Thanks for popping by :)


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