20 October 2013

Some happy news amongst the chaos

With all the stressing of the fires that are blazing around us, I forgot that we had something to be happy about this week.

Popette finally received a letter in the mail inviting her to Kindy Orientation in November. Popette is so excited and can't wait to attend "big school" next year. Me on the other hand is a little apprehensive about my "big girl" attending school. I'm sure I'll have a box of tissues handy on her first day.

To celebrate, we took the girls out for a little "celebration dinner" of pizza & pasta.

Me and my big girl

If you have been following the blog's FB page, you would have seen my updates about the Blue Mountains bushfires. I've been trying to stay calm, but unfortunately that hasn't been working too well. I have been on edge since Thursday, experiencing headaches, and not sleeping well as I've been too worried about the fires spreading. I'm thankful that the girls don't realise how the close the fires are to our house.

Taken outside the front of our house on Thursday
Hubby has been busy in the yard today raking, mowing, mulching and blowing leaves to have it prepared for the worst case scenario. I’ve been packing a few bags with clothes & paperwork just in case we get evacuated. I'd rather be prepared then running around wondering what to pack if it approaches us.

The weather forecast for the next couple days doesn’t sound good. The RFS are expecting the fire to spread with the hot/windy conditions that are predicted.

Thanks to those of you who have sent through your support & well wishes.

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  1. Great news about Kindy and how sweet giving your girls a special celebration dinner. As far as the fires go, I feel so much for you. I think it would be terrifying having them so close. Take care :)


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